Wordless Wednesday – Sophie w/linky

  • 9th October 2012

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  1. Now that is some concentration.

  2. We have a Sophie too! My granddaughter is almost 7 months and she is crazy about it. Unfortunately, so are the dogs! We have to hide it from them!

  3. Aw – love this photo!!!Thanks for the linkyTammiMy Organized Chaos

  4. Very nice shot. That's a keeper : )

  5. Is Sophie great? My kids never had her. I've heard good things about her though!

  6. So cute, love this shot!

  7. cute, my boys never had that toy

  8. Keira LOVES her Sophie! Well worth every penny!

  9. cute pic…my youngest LOVED sophie also

  10. Nice photo. Sophie rules – one of the few utterly hyped-up toys that totally deserves the hype!

  11. Why am I the only one who seems to not know who Sophie is? Is it from a tv show? Cute photo though!

  12. adorable!!!Thanks for the linky, I have a linky on my Wordless Wednesday post as well…http://su.pr/2OYUqp

  13. aww. i love sophie. I wish I'd had her for my girls!

  14. Those Sophie giraffes are so popular! My kids never had them, but I know so many ppl who swear by them 🙂

  15. Oooops. The linky is only for other linky's right? If so delete mine! #pregantbrainWe are huge fans of Sophie! We'll need to double up in the Spring!

  16. Adorable photo! That was a well loved toy here as well.

  17. I love sophie! So does my son.@ParentClub

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