Canadian Blog Awards Round 1 Begins!

  • 10th October 2012

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Five months and ten days ago I hit the submit button on my first post to Mommy Outside.  Since that time I have published 109 blog entries, become a Canada Beef Brand Ambassador, a PTPA Blogaholic panel member, participated in 14 giveaways, gained 1,252 Twitter followers, had 1,113 Facebook likes, received the Versatile Blogger Award, been sponsored to attend SCCTO (a million thanks to Canada Beef) and, most importantly, connected with some truly awesome guys and gals in the blogging world!

It’s been a busy, fulfilling, enlightening and fun five months.  When I started this blog I really had no idea what direction I wanted to take it but I am slowly figuring that out.  I am excited to keep this journey going and see where it takes me.  There will continue to be forks in the road but that is the fun part!

The Canadian Blog Award nominations were recently published and open to voting.  I am thrilled to be nominated under the category of “Best New Blog”.  To be honest, I have no delusions of winning but am pretty stoked to be included in some rather awesome company!  Now, having said that, I still would be pretty darn delighted to receive your support.  This is a one time only vote so it’s very quick and painless (no need to register).  You can actually vote once in each of the categories if you chose, so if you do happen to stop by to vote for Mommy Outside I encourage you to take a moment to look at the other topics and cast a vote because there are some really, really, good blogs that have been nominated!

There, I’m done my pitch.  If you want to vote you can follow this link:  Canadian Blog Awards.  You will find Mommy Outside under Best New Blog

Thank you so much for your support! 

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  1. Congratulations on on your HUGE accomplishments! You should be extremely proud!

  2. I agree, you should be so proud of how far your blog has come! It's a scary thing pushing that button for your first post. Never knowing if you are going to be successful or fall flat on your butt. You have come a long way! Congrats on your nom. I am going to go vote right now 🙂

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