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Adult Essentials Men's Blog Tour Part 2 - Outside The Box

Adult Essentials Men’s Blog Tour Part 2

  • 30th August 2012

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Last month my husband began his journey as part of the Adult Essentials Men’s Blog Tour. What is the Men’s Blog Tour?  It is an opportunity that was created to give men the chance to try the Adult Essentials Gummies and then blog about their experience.  So, we sat down last month, just before he started taking the Gummies and talked about how he felt about his health, why he wanted to be part of this challenge and what outcomes he was expecting.  You can read the first post here.

Well my husband has now been taking the Gummies for a month and we are on to the next phase of the tour and ready to blog about how the experience has been going.  Once again I’m going to play hostess and put hubby in the hot seat with some hard hitting (ok maybe not so much) questions!

So, you’ve been taking the Adult Essentials Gummies for a month now so I’d like to talk to you about how that’s going. Let’s start with an easy question  – Have you been taking them every day?
Yes, every day. It’s become part of my morning routine.
How do the Gummies taste?
I really like them. They have a citrus flavour, which seems fitting for the morning.
I know you were taking some chewable vitamins a while ago.  How do these compare in taste/texture?
The chewables were chalky and didn’t taste great. The Gummies are much better, and I because of that, I find I can take them all in the morning and not split them up over the day like I did with the chewable vitamins.

Have you noticed and changes in your health, good or bad, since taking the Gummies?

Well, I certainly feel healthy. I should say, I actually feel healthier. I’m not as run down as before.

In our last interview you indicated that you thought taking vitamins might help with energy levels and sleep.  Have they done that for you?

I’ve noticed a positive change. I find my energy level more consistent throughout the day and, with a physical job and a 2 year old, that’s important.

You also said that you think taking vitamins regularly might help fight off things like colds and the flu.  I know it’s only been a month but do you think they have helped with that?
Well I managed to avoid catching one of those nasty summer colds this year.

A quote from our last interview, “My main reason for wanting to take vitamins though is just to feel like I am doing something positive for my health.”  Do you feel that you are in fact doing something positive for your health by taking the Adult Essential Vitamins?

Yes. I think it’s a part of an entire lifestyle though and this is an important step.
Now that the Men’s Blog Tour is over do you think you will continue to take Adult Essential Vitamins? 
Absolutely. I like the product and I like how it helps me through my day. I’m glad that my only options for vitamins aren’t the over-sized multi vitamins or the chalky chewables any more.
Do you have anything that you would like to add? 
Yes. I’ve also noticed that adding vitamins to my routine has made it easier to add them to my daughter’s. She is generally interested in taking hers. Of course, she gets Gummies too.

The sponsor supplied us with this product to review.  All opinions expressed here are 100% our own

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  1. I'm glad to hear that the vitamins are having such a positive effect on your husbands health! Glad to hear the gummies are much better tasting than those chalkie vitamins too! I've always wondered about their taste.

  2. Fabulous! What a great interview 🙂 Great that Adult Essentials is having a great effect on your hubby's health. We love our vitamins! Ha! I should specify: We love our ADULT ESSENTIALS vitamins! I never liked taking my vitamins before I discovered them!

  3. Great interview! Adult Essentials are really an awesome and yummy vitamin alternative!

  4. Love the interview. I am glad to hear your hubby is happy with his experience and will continue with them – especially, as we are going into the fall! Great job.

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