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Photo a Day - July 12-15 - Outside The Box

Photo a Day – July 12-15

  • 18th July 2012

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Ok, I know I’m way behind on my photo a day project but that’s just what happens when you have a sick kid at home.  I managed to finally get the photos I have taken off the camera today so now I’m only a few days behind!

My daughters “ballerina” dress.
I have no idea what she was trying to build with her lunch….
Well in this case fingers….

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  1. Very nice! I get a kick out of the building shot. It's funny how kids really don't care if they rest their feet smack dab in the center of their plates while they are eating!

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Fuel Your Summer With Kellogg’s Vector – Giveaway (CAN 08/24)

Fuel Your Summer With Kellogg’s Vector – Giveaway (CAN 08/24)

How is your summer going? Have you been making the most of the warm weather by getting out and getting moving? Summer always seems so short here in Canada that I think most of us try our best to make the most out of it. The most common answer I get these days when I ask people how their summer is going is “Busy!”

Generally speaking, busy is good. I know for us busy means we are out doing things our family loves. We are camping, fishing, going for bike rides. When we’re not working of course. It can be a struggle to get in a lot of quality, summer family time when you still need to earn a pay cheque. But we all do our best and make it work. When you are feeling a little stretched out (even in the name of fun) it’s really important to remember to take care of yourself. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure you have the steam you need to keep moving this summer – Get adequate sleep, stay hydrated and eat well.

How do you stay fueled? While a balanced diet is essential to good health I know that I personally need a good dose of protein (which of course is vital to a balanced diet) in the mornings to keep me focused and satisfied until lunch time. During the week I generally am eating breakfast at my desk and a good protein bar is usually my breakfast of choice.

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Some people who have breakfast on the go (or at their desk like me) like to get their protein in shake form but that’s just not for me. Even if a shake is technically as “filling” it doesn’t leave me feeling that way. I like to savour my food. The Kellogg’s Vector Protein Bars are one of my favorite ways to get in a “working” breakfast. These bars are chewy and crunchy with an awesome sweet and salty flavour and they contain 11 grams of protein.

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The Vector Protein bars come in two varieties – Peanut and Mixed nut and I love them both equally. One of the reasons these protein bars are one of my favorites, besides the fact they taste great, is that they only contain 8 grams of sugar in each bar. Many of the other protein bars on the store shelves are so full of sugar which is just not something I want in my breakfast.

As much as I love my blast of protein in the morning, there are times when you need more than that to fuel your day, especially if you have a particularly active day ahead of you. There are those days when you need to make sure you are also getting the carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals you need to perform your best. That’s where the Kellogg’s Vector Energy Bars come in. These bars are the perfect on the go energy boost. Each bar contains 9 grams of protein, 32 or 35 carbohydrates (depending on the variety) and 24 vitamins and minerals.

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Sometimes there is just nothing quite as satisfying as a good bowl of cereal with cold milk to start your morning. Of course there is no rule that cereal is only for breakfast. It can also make for a tasty and satisfying meal anytime of the day.

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The Kellogg’s Vector Real Replacement cereal is packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals and the carbohydrates essential to fuel physical activity. Pour on a little skim milk and you have yourself an awesome bowl of energy! It tastes great all on its own but I also love to throw in a few fresh berries to make it extra yummy.

The latest addition to the Vector line up is the new Honey Almond Flavour Vector Granola. One of the things I love about the granola is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. You can eat it as a sweet, crunchy snack right out of the bag, in a bowl with some milk, use it to top your favourite yogurt – the options are endless. Each 1/2 cup serving has a whopping 20 grams of protein!

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Enter to win and fuel your summer!

I am thrilled to be able to offer my readers the chance to win a prize pack of Kellogg’s Vector products! The prize includes everything you see here:

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The giveaway is open to Canadian residents (except Quebec) age 18 and over. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Swimming and biking are the activities I am doing that I need to fuel up for.

  2. We do lots of walking and I need to fuel up after 

  3. We are camping, which includes lots of walking, biking and swimming.

  4. We are going to the park a lot and there's lots of strolling and hiking this summer for us.

  5. My family does a lot of biking. I fuel up for my day's energy.

  6. We travel to local festivals and to yard sales all summer long.

  7. My summer has me eating healthier, I joined WW to loose weight but also to learn how to eat, I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and these look like a great cereal that I can eat!!

  8. We do swimming and bike riding!! That requires lots of energy!! 🙂

  9. wea re going camping

  10. I like to take long walks in summer!

  11. We've been going on a lot of trips to the cottage & the beach where we bike & swim.

  12. We moved into our home in May and the garden is overgrown. I'm using a whole lot of energy trying to clean it up.

  13. This summer I'm looking after my 5month old grandson and also helping my other daughter with her 8 day old daughter.  We make it to the beach with our other grandkids to hunt for sea glass, and make sandcastles in between!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  14. A whole lot of swimming! (Suzi)

  15. Bike rides, there always seem to be so many hills. Need some extra fuel!

  16. We've spent the past two weeks working on the farm; pouring cement into the brain bin, moving cattle from one farm to another, looking after the chickens, the list goes on! Granola is one of my favourite meals and snacks!

    Besos Sarah
    My recent post Eight Things You’ll Need For An Authentic Farm Hoedown (a.k.a. Party)

  17. We have been swimming, going on lots of walks, gardening,  and going to the park.

  18. Swimming is what I am doing that I need to fuel up for. 

  19. I am taking local day trips with lots of shopping!

  20. I have become a taxi for my kids this summer I am always needing to fuel up my body.

  21. I'm running a lot outdoors!

  22. I have been walking everyday! I'm also refinishing my kitchen table.

  23. we have a camping trip plannedthis year, and will be doing some biking

  24. camping!  that takes so much effort! (all worth it)

  25. We are doing  a lot of swimming  and walking  

  26. We've been doing lots of hiking this summer. Enjoying the outdoors with all this amazing weather.

  27. We are going for walks, bike riding and going swimming.

  28. walking and swimming requires me to fuel up … thanks fr the chance 🙂

  29. Hiking, biking & walking

  30. Chores and tasks like cleaning, paying bills, and shopping for groceries.

  31. i'm drinking more water

  32. Doing a lot of walking….requires re-fueling often.

  33. We are swimming,biking and walking this summer to keep busy and stay healthy!

  34. we do lots of cycling in the summer which requires lot of fuel.

  35. Any time I am going to see my grandchildren I need to fuel up.  They like to keep my busy.

  36. The activities I've been doing this summer that require me to fuel up are swimming, gardening, hiking and geocaching.

  37. We definitely need to fuel up after a full day at the beach or the park!

  38. Well, our Summer mostly involves work – But my hubby could definitely use the fuel up during work hours.  Hot place…Long hours! 
    My recent post Dear Family: We're Breaking Up.

  39. I am spending a lot of time with my grandchildren. I need to fuel up to keep up.

  40. lots of bike riding and swimming 

  41. Swimming,hiking,walking,!

  42. Been taking some long walks lately, I need to fuel up for those! 

  43. Lots of swimming and biking

  44. We do a lot of hiking outdoors.

  45. Family bike rides and rock climbing 🙂

  46. road trips to the beach!!!

  47. My family does a lot of biking. I fuel up for my day's energy.

  48. I am doing lots of walking.

  49. Exploring the city by walking around

  50. Hiking, biking and swimming.

  51. Lots and lots of walking. 

  52. We love to walk with the children and we try to get in a little baseball and badminton among other sports.

  53. Swimming and hiking!

  54. We've been going camping, biking, swimming and to the park.

  55. Swimming both indoors and outdoors

  56. I'm learning to paddleboard – fuel me up please =D

  57. We are doing lots of walking trails with the kids this summer! 🙂 Fuel is needed!

  58. camping

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