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Food Friday - BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker - Outside The Box

Food Friday – BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker

  • 20th July 2012

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Cake pops, sweet little balls of gooey goodness made famous by the very talented Bakerella.  I’m sure you’ve seen them, probably tasted them and perhaps have even made them.  If you haven’t yet bought the book I highly recommend you do.  It’s full of some truly delightful cake pop recipes and decorating ideas.

I bought the book sometime ago and have frequently visited to see her latest cake pop creations (although her awesome creations are not limited to cake pops).  A few months ago, at Christmas time to be precise I finally decided to give them a whirl.  I’m no stranger to baking, it’s one of my passions actually so I wasn’t too intimidated by the whole process.  I decided to make some Christmas trees for the Christmas party at my daughter’s daycare.

I think they turned out pretty well (sorry for the less than stellar cell phone picture).  They weren’t perfect by any means but that’s one of the reasons I was so pleased with them.

They were fun to make but very tedious, particularly finding the perfect cake to icing ratio and getting them to hold their shape while dipping them.  I also find the cake/icing innards to be excruciatingly sweet and definitely not something that I would eat.  So, I started to keep my eye open for an easier (and less sweet) was to make them.

I had seen the BabyCakes cake pop maker in several stores and had also come across a few versions of cake pop pans.  I went online and researched both options.  The pans seemed to be quite finicky and not well received and the reviews for the BabyCakes maker seemed not bad.  I was on the fence about it to be honest.  Did I really need yet another appliance in my kitchen?  A couple of weeks later I saw it on sale in the Canadian Tire flyer for a good price and decided to buy it.

A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to trying it out.  I have to say I was really pleased with it.  It comes with a small recipe book but I went the easy route and whipped up a boxed mix.  I gave it a light dusting of nonstick cooking spray, filled a piping bag with batter (definitely the way to go) and 5 minutes later had my first batch of cake pops.  They turned out well, but a little small and, consequently not quite round.  I used more batter in the next round and, voila, near perfect little balls of chocolate cake.  They were super easy and fast to make.  They do have a bit of a ridge where the two side of the pan come together but it’s not a big deal at all and I think if you dipped them in candy melts (I didn’t) it might not be noticeable at all.  If you wanted to trim them it wouldn’t take much effort, certainly less effort than hand forming balls.

One of the things I loved about these cake pops are that they are perfect for little hands.  They don’t fall apart and they aren’t gooey.  I gave my two year old a can of icing and some sprinkles and she had a blast decorating (and eating) the cake pops.  It also comes with quite a few sticks and a very handy stand.  They also taste great.  You know how the brownies in the edge of the pan are the best?  Well, this is much the same.  They aren’t as dense or crisp as brownies but you get the idea.

I’ve bought some useless appliances over the years that are just taking up precious space in the cupboard but the BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker is not a purchase I regret.  Obviously if you want to make cake pops in any shape other than round you will have to do it the “old fashion” way and roll them by hand, but for any round projects it is perfect.

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My No Resolution New Year (and a giveaway) #ONatural

My No Resolution New Year (and a giveaway) #ONatural

To Resolve or Not to Resolve

I don’t make New Years Resolutions. I never have and I never will. I firmly believe that when you come to the realization that you need to make changes in your life there is no time like the present to get started. Setting resolutions for a new year often sounds like a good idea but I feel it brings with it a certain amount of pressure that isn’t always healthy. Now I understand that some people actually NEED that pressure, that they thrive under it. But not everyone does. And what happens two weeks into the new year when you fall of the wagon? And let’s be honest we all fall of the wagon. Changing habits, especially trying to rid ourselves of bad and/or unhealthy habits is hard work and we don’t always succeed right off the bat. We need to put ourselves in a place where we can realize and accept that we might not get it right the first time but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try again.

How many of you have vowed – on Monday I’m going to start eating right, hitting the gym, etc etc? Most people I know do this, including me. And you might get off to a great start. But maybe around Thursday something happens, you have a little too much ice cream, you miss another day at the gym. It’s so easy to then write off the rest of the week, giving in to all your cravings, and vow to start again next Monday. This is how I feel about making New Years Resolutions.

Now, just because I don’t make resolutions that commence on January 1st every year doesn’t mean I don’t set goals for myself. Believe me I have enough bad habits that I could resolve to change something every month of the year (at least). Sometime last year, don’t ask me for a date because I don’t have one, I decided that I need to put more time in effort into working out. Before I became a mom (and even during my entire pregnancy) I was diligent about exercise. If I wasn’t working out at least 5 times a week then I was probably sick. But then the baby came. And she was a “difficult” baby. And then I went back to work. There just didn’t seem to be enough time to be as active as I once was. Yes, kids keep you active to a certain degree and we love spending time outdoors as a family, but I was still missing that dedicated work out time. So I finally decided to make that time. And it feels amazing to have exercise back in my every day routine.

So now that I’ve gotten back on track with my work outs (and yes I fall off the wagon here and there but I just climb right back on) there are other areas of my health that I could also work on. The nice thing about making one healthy change in your life is that it almost always helps you to discover over areas that could use some improvement. My next goal is to work on my sleep. I go to bed with 5 million thought swirling around in my head and sleep can be hard to find some nights.  Orange Naturals has a whole line of natural supplements to help everyone in the family with their sleep issues.

orange naturals sleep


One of those supplements that looks like it might be just what I’m looking for is Sleep. Sleep contains gentle and soothing herbs that are brought together in a medicinal combination to help you sleep. It’s formulated to help those suffering with insomnia or restlessness from strain or mental stress.

What areas are you looking to improve upon? It doesn’t matter if you set new years resolutions or decide to make changes anytime of the year, just about all of us have at least one thing we could stand to change, especially when it comes to our health and the health of our family. Whatever those changes are, Orange Naturals is here to help you. A great place to start is to visit the #ONatural blog. You’ll find some great tips and advice on keeping healthy, reaching goals, and how Orange Naturals can help you get there.

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A Giveaway to Help you Succeed

I’m stoked that the lovely folks at Orange Naturals are giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win a great prize pack that will help you with your healthy goals. The prize includes:

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter (open to Canadian residents).

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This article has 26 comments

  1. I think the Orange Naturals ND Shake Women would be best for me for a healthy snack in between meals.  Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. There are so many things that I would love to try from Orange Naturals! One of them is the Holy Basil extract. Some others are the Advanced B-Complex vitamins and the Rhodiola extract.

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  7. I'm all about the B Complex. Great for metabolism and for relieving some stress.  Ahhhhh

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  10. I'd be interested in the Cinnamon drops. Help curb that blood sugar level….A few in my coffee… yum!!

  11. I would love to try the ND Shakes for women since I have so many good things about them.

  12. I would like the Cinnamon drops and the Fenugreek . i am diabetic and would be great products to try!

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  15. I'm going to say ND Shake Women, since I'm a lady and seems like something that is just going to regulate my blood sugar levels and what not

  16. 100 percent I would choose the advanced B complex. I have issues with stress and anxiety and weight. This would be my first choice.

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  19. i would love to try the probiotic powder for my kids. i strive to keep them healthier in the new year (rafflecopter Charityk)

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