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Adult Essentials Men's Blog Tour - Outside The Box

Adult Essentials Men’s Blog Tour

  • 15th July 2012

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When I first met my husband he was a vitamin taker.  For a few years he stopped taking them on a regular basis but in recent months he has really felt that his health would benefit from taking supplements.  Sounds good, except for one problem – for some reason, he can no longer tolerate swallowing large pills and vitamin supplements are notoriously massive!  This created a dilemma.  It’s pretty easy to find chewable vitamins, even for adults, but to be perfectly honest, they taste horrid.  A few months ago I became aware of Adult Essential Gummies and knew this would be an option he would be more than willing to try.  So, we were both thrilled when my husband was given the opportunity to become part of the Adult Essentials Men’s Blog Tour.

The point of the tour is to get men’s perspectives on the Adult Essential products.  As interesting as it might be to hand my blog over to my husband (and watch him peck away at the keyboard) I think I’ll keep the reigns here and continue this post Barbara Walters style (ie interview), although I seriously doubt I’ll be making anyone cry…

MO = Mommy Outside      DO = Daddy Outside

MO – When we first met you took vitamins on a pretty regular basis.  Why did take them?

DO – Primarily because of my lifestyle.  I was a smoker at the time, I worked long hours and ate poorly.

MO – Why did you stop taking them?

DO –  I was having a hard time swallowing those giant multivitamins and there really weren’t any other options so I just stopped taking them.

MO – I know you recently have decided that you want to start taking vitamins again.  Why the change?

DO –  I have a different outlook on life and my health now. I have a wife and a little one so I want to be healthy not just for me but for my family.

MO – How is your health in general?

DO – It’s fantastic.

MO – I’ll also add, because you didn’t mention it, that you recently quit smoking.

MO – Do you think that taking vitamins helps with things like increased energy and sleep issues?

DO – Yes I think so.  My experience has been that they have more of an impact on sleep than energy though.

MO – In your opinion, are vitamins mainly beneficial as preventative medicine?

DO – Yes, I think they are helpful in preventing things like colds and the flu.  I’m not sure if they are useful for preventing more serious health issues.

MO – Do you think vitamins should be taken every day for  the best benefits?

DO – Yes I do.

MO – Do you exercise on a regular basis?

DO – I don’t specifically “work out”.  My work is quite physically demanding and I also have a very active two year old that keeps me on my toes!

MO – Is there one specific benefit that you hope to get out of taking vitamins again?

DO – I think that if I had to pick one benefit it would be to see an increase in my energy level.  My main reason for wanting to take vitamins though is just to feel like I am doing something positive for my health.

MO – Well those are all the questions I have for you today.  Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.  I look forward to talking to about this again, once you’ve been taking the Adult Essential Gummies for a while to see how it’s going!

To find out more about Adult Essentials, including details about their full line of products be sure to visit them at

And be sure to visit them on Facebook and Twitter too!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are our own.

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  1. My husband is also a huge vitamin taker. I've often wondered if the gummies are tastier than the big hard vitamins. I don't take them because I hate swallowing them. I'll have to try out the gummies and see if I like those.Congrats to your husband on being smoke free! I just celebrated my 9 year anniversary being smoke free, so I know how difficult it must have been for him to give it up too. Way to go!

  2. Theresa they are actually very yummy!9 years smoke free! Good for you! My husband was really sick with strep throat several months ago and since he didn't smoke the whole time he was sick he just thought it was the perfect time to stop once and for all. He's done amazingly well with it!

  3. I just stocked up on IronKids Omega 3's at Costco because they are on sale!!!! We love these gummy vitamins in our house!

    • My two year old has all of a sudden decided she loves them too and I'm thrilled. She has asthma and Omega 3's are a natural inflammatory which is great for asthma. I use to give her flax seed oil in her milk but she suddenly decided she didn't like it anymore so I bought the IronKids Omega 3's. She is very picky with texture and it was her first experiences with gummies and she wouldn't eat them. But all of a sudden she has decided that she quite likes gummies and looks forward to taking them every day. I'm pretty sure that seeing daddy take his gummies every day made her decide to give them another chance!

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It’s Boston Pizza Kids Card Time Again! #BPKidsCards

It’s Boston Pizza Kids Card Time Again! #BPKidsCards

Farewell Summer

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How You Can Help

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Boston Pizza Kids Cards

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This post was sponsored by Boston Pizza but as always, the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Our family doesn't need any convincing either!

    Both my kids like the Hamburger sliders and ice cream is always on the dessert menu. My husband gets a pizza and I like their wraps. There's something for the whole family no matter how picky or any food allergies.

    Boston Pizza is such a great place to go with family.

    Besos Sarah.
    My recent post Donate to the @BostonPizzaFdn and Get 5 FREE Kids Meals! #BPKidsCards

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