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June 2012 - Outside The Box
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Archive For June, 2012

Food Friday – Canada Day Goodies

Ok, two years ago, when I actually had time on my hands I would have whipped up some fabulous Canada Day treats, snapped some pictures and shared them with you. Now, between being a wife and mother and having a…

Oh Canada! Home Depot & Tim Hortons Giveaway #TGCBB

The true north strong and free… My daughter is two, she understands what home is but her concept of home is on a rather small scale. Right now, home means our house, our yard and I think she would include…

Kindle Fire Giveaway Event

Welcome to the Literary Addicts Kindle Fire Event where we have teamed up with 10 Amazing Authors and several awesome bloggers to celebrate the Grand Opening of Literary Addicts a Community for Book Lovers! Please check out the Fantastic authors…

Black Magic Baby

Thoughts of being a mother never even entered my mind until I was maybe in my late 20s.  And the first thought that did pop into my mind on the subject was a resounding NO!  I had absolutely zero desire…

Review –

I was an internet geek before there really was an internet.  I’m talking about back in the days of dial up modems when social networking consisted of other computer geeks hanging out on bulletin boards which were owned and operated…

Food Friday – The Blame Game

Food Friday – The Blame Game

I recently read an article about yet another lawsuit launched at McDonalds that was, of course, thrown out of the courts because it had no merit.  Now, I’m not a lawyer and I can’t recall the exact wording of the…

The Good Old Days – Gone Forever or Just Beginning?

The Good Old Days – Gone Forever or Just Beginning?

 My husband and I were a couple for five years before we became parents.  During those “child free” years we took full advantage of having the freedom to just pick up and go on various adventures. Our big passion, vintage…

Bloggers! Sign up to Give away a Kindle Fire

Literary Addicts and Promotional Book Tours have partnered up with 10 Incredible authors to Bring you this awesome promotion. Here are the books involvedSecrets (Guardian Trilogy) FearlessDirty BloodTaming the Wolf (Coming Soon)Bride of Fae (Coming Soon)Immortal Voyage (Coming Soon)Mark of…


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